I think we had a fluke. Concept and design are great.

My wife and I were looking for a good supportive mattress system and we're looking at a competitive brand when we were introduced to the Dormeo brand at a local mattress company. We both liked the concept, comfort, support and warranty of the model we purchased. Unfortunately, after only two weeks, my wife started to say she fealt like she was sleeping in a hole. We continued for another two weeks before making a comment to our sales person, who told us it might be our body's' getting used to it. So we continued a time longer then went back with the same complaint. We then contacted the company's customer service department who sent out a service representative. He discovered two separation holes in the top layer foam that caused large sink holes in our mattress. The company quite readily issued a full price credit to the store from which we purchased it. Needless to say we are using the credit to purchase another brand. Not too pleased with the brand, but extremely pleased with the company from whom we made our purchase.

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Poor Back Support

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Good Pressure Relief

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Same Sleep

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Excellent "Coolness"


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Just right