### Do NOT buy King Koil or any Comfort Solutions Product

We purchased a mattress, had major problems with it within the first month. The King Koil product that we purchase was manufactured in Florida by Dixie Bedding. Our Comfort Solutions product, King Koil Exquisit, was anything but exquisite as we observed major product defects within the first month of owning the product. We brought this issue to the manufacturer of the bed whom also confirmed that the product was defective based on photos and measurements that we provided them. All we have asked Comfort Solutions and their manufacturer, Dixie Bedding to do is to replace the mattress. What they ask us to do is drive our mattress hundreds of miles and several states away to bring it to the factory and wait for it to be repaired. My wife and I are elderly (late 70's) with medical conditions and this is not an option for us. Neither is paying hundreds of dollars to ship our mattress both to and from their factory. We already spent thousands on the mattress to begin with. My recommendation is to NOT purchase KING KOIL nor any of the other brands that Comfort Solutions licenses such as Laura Ashley, iMatress, The Dr. Breus Bed, Sleep ID, Natural Response. Companies like this need to learn that business is more than taking peoples money, it's about standing behind your product and providing quality customer support.

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Back Support

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Poor Back Support

Pressure Relief

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Poor Pressure Relief

Sleep Quality

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Not Rated

Stays "Cool"

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Fair "Coolness"


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Not Rated

Warranty Service

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Not Rated

Softness Level

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Much too soft