Sleeps warm and hard

For context, I’m 5’4, 150lbs, 40s, chronic low back pain, primarily side sleeper; curvy, bottom heavy. My prior mattress was a Sealy Kelburn that I loathed. Spent A LOT of time researching and testing beds before I decided on the Bryant. It was one of a handful that my low back didn’t spasm after lying on it. The company customer service is top notch, but this mattress is not for me. It’s much too firm after 6 or 7 hours. I toss and turn all night. And my lower half is like a bakery - hot, sweaty. The mattress would be better with a Tencel type cover and 2-4 inch convoluted cooling gel foam comfort layer. I feel the latex just doesn’t conform well to curves. I sleep better on my back and stomach, which is about the ONLY way I can manage to sleep for several hours. I like that the latex is durable, and am considering a topper, but prior experience with “retro fitting” a poorly matched mattress also has me thinking I should just return it. Brooklyn has another model - the Addison, but it’s only sold in stores and I haven’t found any reviews. Reviews are important. I came across one online mattress brand with great reviews for ownership less than 3 months. However, some people who bought the mattress 2 and 3 years ago lamented the once great bed now had horrible bed after review!

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User also said: I wake with much less back pain than before.
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User also said: Too firm, sleeps hot, too bouncy
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Back Support

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Fair Back Support

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Fair Pressure Relief

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Slightly better Sleep
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Poor "Coolness"


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Fair Value
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Excellent Warranty Service

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Slightly too hard