Supportive, But Too Firm...& Greenwashing

The company was good with returns. They did not hassle me or make it difficult, no delays in processing the return. The mattress seemed well made and the spring system seemed good & supportive. However, it was too firm in the hip area for side sleeping & caused some pressure build up. Reviewers are claiming this mattress to be 100% natural & organic when it is not. They do use a couple of organic components, but a fair amount of non-organic, synthetic materials are also used. I also experienced off gassing for the entire month that I had it. Off gassing is not limited to bad odor, but technically also relates to VOCs coming from an item that may not smell, but can cause other health symptoms, which it did for me. They do greenwash the latex on their website, claiming it has 70% natural fillers such as sand and ground seashells— but that is a technical impossibility. Those items in their natural forms neither bind nor aerate into foam. They would create a gritty mess if literally used. Usually, 30/70 blended latex is 30% natural latex & 70% synthetic latex. But it is hard to know what kind of latex is actually in this mattress because they are not being fully transparent. I think this mattress work for a lot of people, just not those with chemical sensitivities or who need a softer mattress.

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User also said: Supportive, coil system seemed good
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User also said: Too firm for side sleeping, greenwashing
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Good Back Support

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Poor Pressure Relief

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Much worse Sleep
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Fair "Coolness"


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Fair Value
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Good Warranty Service

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Slightly too hard