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I have been holding off on writing a review because I wanted to sleep on my new bed for longer than a month so that I could give honest feedback. I purchased my BedInABox - PacBed Original Gel Mattress - 11" deep in April 2015. Here is my feedback: Negatives: - It took a little while to adjust to. I have always slept on box spring mattresses, but the one we had was really beginning to hurt my hips and shoulders. After tons of research about mattresses to relieve hip and shoulder pain, I decided to get a foam mattress. And after more research, I settled on a BedInABox mattress (sleeplikethedead.com is a great resource). For the first couple of weeks, I had lower back pain when I would wake up. It was nothing that would wake me up like my hip and shoulder pain did when I had the box spring, but getting out of bed hurt! So much so, that I almost returned the mattress. I am glad that I held off on the return because this is the only negative thing I have to say about it - my body took a little while to adjust to a different type of mattress. Positives: - Delivered the next day. Seriously. I was surprised when I received the delivery notice in my email stating that it would be arriving the next day. It was packaged in a box a little smaller than a refrigerator box. I was able to move it inside, unpackage it, and set it up all by myself (as my hubby was still at work). - There was no smell to the bed and we slept on it the night we received it - It used to take me around an hour to fall asleep after multiple attempts to get comfortable and readjust and readjust. I now fall asleep within the minutes of laying down. - I sleep all the through the night now. As stated above, the pain in my hips and shoulders would wake me up multiple times during the night. Without this pain, I now sleep all night long. It's amazing the difference a good night's rest can make. - Cheaper than "the other brand" - I was worried about it being "hotter" than a standard mattress, but haven't found that the case. I still sleep with a sheet and

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Excellent Back Support

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Excellent Pressure Relief

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Much better Sleep

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Excellent "Coolness"


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Not Rated

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Just right