Sleeping on a slab.

I sampled and ordered an ultra plush mattress. This mattress is so hard you can barely even make a dent. Since purchasing this mattress I have developed sciatica, lower back pain and neck pain. The local store was helpful and sent to totally unqualified men to check the mattress. My response from the company was that it’s met factory standards. This is by far the worst mattress I have ever owned and I’m now sleeping on my couch which is far more comfortable. This is the most expensive mattress I have ever purchased and by far the worst

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    • Firm Comfort
    • Price
    • Product Consistency
    • Overall Value
    User also said: It’s like sleeping on a rock
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    Back Support

    User rated this bed:
    Very Poor Back Support

    Pressure Relief

    User rated this bed:
    Very Poor Pressure Relief

    Sleep Quality

    User rated this bed:
    Much worse Sleep
    Previous mattress was:
    Innerspring / Traditional

    Stays "Cool"

    User rated this bed:
    Poor "Coolness"


    User rated this bed:
    Very poor Value
    Price paid (approximate):
    $3,000 (Queen) Size

    Warranty Service

    User rated this bed:
    Very poor Warranty Service

    Softness Level

    User rated this bed:
    Much too hard