Quality Control Lacking at Aireloom

When spending top dollar for a handmade, luxury mattress you expect an superior experience, or at least we did. This has not been the case. When our new Aireloom Handmade was delivered there was something "off" about it. As soon as it was placed on the new Aireloom box springs we realized what it was. It was square. Yup, measuring a precise 77" X 77" it was indeed a square. We were told to be patient that when the mattresses are warehoused standing on their end they compress and in a couple of weeks the mattress will settle and come to its intended shape and size (76" X 80"). Well, it has been 2 weeks and the mattress currently measures 76" X 77.5". This is not the quality we were expecting when spending this much on a mattress. Had we known that Aireloom would not provide the quality product and experience that we thought we were paying for we would likely have saved ourselves a couple thousand dollars and gone with one of the more mainstream brands. The retailer has asked us to remain patient through the "break in period". We will be reaching out to Aireloom to see what they have to say/do. The mattress was the most comfortable to us in the store, and it is a comfortable mattress. We sleep cool. It is a bit lumpy when we first get into bed, but that quickly goes away. The product is aesthetically pleasing, but who the mattress once it comes home gets made? It does appear to be a well constructed mattress, but again, the dimensions issue leaves us wary... We'll see where things go from here.

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User also said: Aesthetics, materials, comfort, temperature
    User also said: Disappointing quality control (dimensions not to spec)
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