Works for a Plush lover and Firm lover

My husband and I have been through more mattresses then I care to mention just trying to find a compromise. He loves a really firm mattress and I love a soft mattress. We finally found our answer in this hybrid plush!! I learned to sleep on my back because it was too painful to side sleep on a firm mattress and always woke up in pain. Now I can sleep on my side without pain. My husband has had two back surgeries and is now a back sleeper and this mattress has enough support that he is comfortable. I was worried it would be too soft for him, but he says it's not. It was firmer at first and took a few months to break in fully. There are noticeable "soft spots" where we sleep, but not sagging or lumpy and it's not increasing yet. We are thinking we should turn the mattress eventually. I also love the black box spring and dark black/gray side of the mattress since those areas can get dirty over time. Overall we have been very pleased with this mattress and so excited we don't have to go through any more mattresses!!

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    User also said: Great comfort for side and back sleeper.
      User also said: Not good for stomach sleepers and the price was high.
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      Back Support

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      Good Back Support

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      Excellent Pressure Relief

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      Much better Sleep
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      Innerspring / Traditional

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      Excellent "Coolness"


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      Fair Value
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      Not Rated

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      Just right