“Mike It Up” Podcast

Hosted by GoodBed’s Mike Magnuson and Jeff Cassidy, the Mike It Up podcast delves into the most strategic issues facing mattress companies today, revealing unique and actionable insights for mattress retailers, manufacturers, and other industry participants.

A key focus of the show is the rapidly changing consumer journey, for which we naturally lean on both soft and hard data collected through the GoodBed platform. One of the unique advantages of GoodBed’s business is that we sit right at the crossroads between consumers, retailers, and manufacturers. We interact directly on a daily basis with representatives from all three of those constituencies, spanning across the full spectrum of online and brick & mortar channels. Having done this for over a decade, we are fortunate to have a truly unique view of this industry and how it’s changing over time. Those who have seen Mike and Jeff present at industry conferences and events over the years are well aware of their geeky love of numbers, and zest for analyzing data in order to derive meaningful insights from it.

How to Subscribe

If your business is connected to the mattress industry, be sure to subscribe to this show so you don’t miss an episode. Mike It Up is available wherever you get your favorite podcasts:

You can also find Mike It Up on these podcast platforms: Stitcher, RadioPublicPocket CastsBreaker, and Anchor.

More information about the show can be found on the Mike It Up podcast website (mikeitup.com) — or in the coverage of its launch in your favorite trade publications like Furniture TodaySleep Retailer, and Furniture World.

Why Subscribe?

We created this podcast because we know that the insights we’re able to glean from our privileged vantage point are ones that every business owner and professional in the mattress category should have. After several years of rapid change, this industry has reached a critical inflection point for all participants. As such, good information that is specifically oriented toward the unique business dynamics of this category is more important than ever. We’ll make sure that every episode provides meaningful and relevant insights for our listeners, while delivering them in a fun, conversational format.

We hope you enjoy the show and look forward to connecting with more of you through this medium.