About the GoodBed Blog

At GoodBed, we spend most of our time focused on how to help people sleep better – by helping them find a mattress and other related products that best match their personal requirements. An interesting byproduct of this pursuit is that it situates us at the cross-section of consumers, retailers, and manufacturers – and puts us in constant communication with constituents from all three of these groups. This unique vantage point plugs us directly into the latest trends with consumer behavior, retailing, and product development – and gives us first-hand visibility into the nuanced inter-relationships between them.

For 2020 and beyond, we are re-fashioning this blog as a place where we can share insights, analysis, and opinion – often data-driven – about what is happening in our industry, as well as how it affects and translates into the world beyond.  We hope this blog will provide a line of communication with the marketplace, including both consumers and companies, and will provoke conversation by challenging existing behavior and/or assumptions.  And of course, we will keep readers of this blog abreast of any major company developments for GoodBed as well.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions!