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How to Support GoodBed

One question we really appreciate here at GoodBed is how to best support the work we do. Below are some great ways you can do that.

Buy online through the links on this site.

Most consumers don't know that when you purchase a product online, the seller often pays a referral fee to some other website you visited before making your purchase. Likewise, even fewer people know that you can actually have a say in which website is going to be supported by your purchase. We view it as your opportunity to 'vote' for the information that you found most helpful in making your decision.

If you value trustworthy information like we provide on GoodBed, we would greatly appreciate if you'd 'vote for it' by simply coming back to right before you buy and ensuring that your last click to the retailer's website comes from one of our links.

What to Do:

  1. Once you’ve decided which product you want, come back to this site and search for that product to find its profile page on
  2. On the profile page for this product, look for a big green “Shop this Bed” button, at or near the top of the page (if you're browsing on your phone, you may need to scroll down a bit more).**
  3. When you're ready to buy, just click that green button to go directly to the retailer’s site and complete your purchase. If there is a discount listed, click the blue “Show Code” button and use the promo code to save some extra money!

That's it! By simply following these steps when you buy, we'll earn a referral fee at no cost to you. GoodBed uses these fees to support our work so that we can continue providing the unbiased and personalized information that consumers need.

By doing this, you'll also be ensuring that one of the many fake mattress review sites do not get paid when you buy. As long as such sites continue to make money, their deceptive behavior will be perpetuated, making it harder and harder for you to find good information in the future.

** Note: If the profile page for the product you want to buy has no green button and no discount, that means that there is no way to support us with an online purchase of this product. Not to worry though. While GoodBed works with most online sellers, we do still cover products from other sellers in order to make sure we are providing the best possible information to our readers.


Buy locally from a GoodBed Trusted Retailer.

When you redeem a GoodBed Cash Back offer after shopping at one of our Trusted Retailer stores, GoodBed receives a referral fee at no cost to you. As a bonus, we then share this back with you in the form of a $50 Cash Back reward! This Cash Back comes from us, so is on top of any discounts and/or sale prices that you get from the store.

What to Do:

  1. Look for GoodBed Cash Back offers in your quiz results or as you’re browsing products and stores on GoodBed.
  2. If you see one, simply click the blue “Get My Code” button before you buy. Text or email this code to yourself so you don’t lose it.
  3. Complete your purchase in the store, taking advantage of any other discounts or sale prices offered by the store. There's no need to show or use your code while in the store.
  4. After you buy, redeem this offer at Just enter your code and follow the prompts to confirm your purchase with the order number from your invoice / receipt. In 2 minutes, you will have supported GoodBed and gotten a free $50 Amazon gift card in the process!


Help other consumers find GoodBed.

Here are some great ways that you can help other consumers discover GoodBed.


Link to GoodBed

If you have a website or blog, add a link to to let your readers know that you found this site to be a helpful resource. Even if no one ever clicks this link, it can help GoodBed show up higher in search results (and at the same time could help to push down some of the many sketchy mattress review websites you may otherwise see in your results).


Share GoodBed with Your Friends

Statistically speaking, about 10% of your friends will be shopping for a mattress in the coming year. Most of them probably don’t have a clue where they can find trustworthy guidance to help them with this important purchase. Let them know via Facebook, email, or even good old-fashioned conversation. 😊


Share GoodBed with Other Consumers

Here are some great places to do this that tend to be found by people when they’re shopping for a mattress:

  • Forums: Tons of forum threads are started and read by confused mattress shoppers who would benefit from your experience, especially if you’re already an active member of that forum. 
  • Articles: Comments sections of well-read articles about mattresses are a great place to let people know about your experience with GoodBed, especially if it’s a relatively newer article.
  • Reddit: If you’re a Redditor, there are always several active threads in the mattress subreddit from people who would benefit from using GoodBed. 


Follow GoodBed on Your Favorite Social Platforms

Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are the platforms where GoodBed is most active, but you can also find us on PinterestInstagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms. Facebook may be the most useful, since your Like could help more Facebook users discover GoodBed the next time they’re shopping for a mattress. But whichever your social platform of choice, we urge you to like and follow us there – in addition to supporting our mission, it's also one of the best ways to catch our awesome giveaways and other cool news about sleep products.


Write a Review

GoodBed thrives on unbiased feedback from real mattress owners like you, so please take a few minutes to post a store review right after you buy, and a mattress review a few months later.


Good companies can support GoodBed, too.

As a mattress retailer or manufacturer, the most important thing you can do over the long-term is provide GoodBed readers with straightforward information, fair prices and great service. In the short-term though, here are a few good places to start: 

  1. Claim your business profile. Claiming your profile is completely free and will make sure you get notified when your products and stores receive new reviews. You’ll also be able to update information about your products and stores.
  2. Add a link to GoodBed from your website. Linking to your profile page is a great idea, as is linking to our home page. This helps build and share feedback from your customers while letting people know that you’re a force for “good” in the mattress industry.
  3. Ask your customers to review your products / stores on GoodBed. Most unsolicited mattress reviews come from people who are unhappy. The best way to get a satisfied customer to share their experience is to 1) ask them, and 2) make it easy. We take care of making it easy – so all you need to do is the asking! (Bonus: If you use Podium for requesting reviews, we plug right into their platform.)
  4. Apply to our Trusted Partner program for brick & mortar retailers: Once you’ve collected feedback from a bunch of customers, apply to become one of our Trusted Partner stores. If accepted, this program is the best way to stand out above the other stores in your area while also supporting GoodBed.


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