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Very disappointing

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Posted by Heather from Belding, MI on September 26, 2014

I purchased a bed with a second (trundle) bed underneath with two mattresses. It took almost three weeks longer than I was originally told to actually receive the bed. I was only delivered one mattress, but was promised my second in one week. The delivery man accidentally ripped open the plastic bag that contained all of the nuts, bolts, pieces, etc. he said he was sure he collected them all. He was wrong. We were missing several. Upon calling the store we were told that they could not find them. We were forced to buy them at our local hardware store. The front panel of the trundle was very scratched. It came out of the box that way. We got the bed all put together and realized that the mattress they had sold us would not fit the trundle. It's a twin size as it should be, but it was too tall to actually close the trundle if the mattress were left there. I spoke with a salesperson at the store who said she would get back to me. Almost a month later she called back. Apparently they are not able to order a thinner mattress. In conclusion, they sold me a bed even though they do not have all necessary pieces to complete the set. My daughter specially chose this set to have ample room for sleepovers. Almost $1000 later and she and her friends still have to camp out on the floor.

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