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Posted by Rita S from Dickson, TN on May 8, 2015

I bought the I comfort memory foam matress in Sept 2013 I gave 1400 dollars for them about a year ago I started experiencing getting very hot at night sleeping I went to the store and talked to the lady about it she said they had a problem with them and would talk to her boss she never returned my call so I called her a few days later she said he wouldn't do anything about them and told me to turn my air down and laughed about it they don't care about helping ther customers and there products are terrible I thought I had a 10 year warranty we can't even sleep on them so please don't buy anything from this store

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    Hi Rita,

    I'm sorry to hear you aren't sleeping great on your bed. When you sleep at night, try only using a top sheet, no comforter or duvet. Sleeping hot on the iComfort mattress doesn't happen a lot but if you're sleeping great otherwise, then it could be a sign you aren't moving much at night. This is a good thing!! So if you can, try to just use a top sheet or get a small oscillating fan to put on your night stand to help cool you off during the night.

    Personally, I don't think mattresses should be exchanged just for sleeping hot. There is always a solution by changing your sleeping environment. The only reason you should exchange the mattress is if your back and/or body wake up sore and stiff. The only way to fix that is to get a new bed. The store you bought it from may not have been wiling to help much but hopefully you can find a way to lower your sleeping temp.


    By: Andrew Schlesser of Myrtle Beach, SC on June 15, 2015

    Andrew I do only sleep under a top sheet , the lady at the store told me they have had problems with these mattress with something inside going bad that makes them hot I don't sleep good on them at all and they where suppose to have a 10 year warranty they should replace them there is a problem all I know is that I will never buy that kind again and I want buy from sleep outfitters again and I will tell everyone I know not too

    By: Rita S of Dickson, TN on June 15, 2015

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