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Please do your homework before buying from Mancini's!

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Posted by Susan W from El Cerrito, CA on March 7, 2011

I moved recently and I had to ring along a bed with a frame that collapses and a mattress that sags. This is the third bed I've had from Mancini's and all three sagged after a very short time. I have to say that the first two were exchanged pretty easily. After the 3rd bum mattress I asked if I could just get rid of the bed because I wasn't willing to take my chances on a 4th. I was told absolutely not, exchange or nothing. Now I'm desperately trying to get rid of this mattress that I may never use. Please take a LOT of time and do lots of research before buying at Mancini's. I'm regretting my impulsiveness to the tune of $2,500.
P.S. It just so happened that I was talking to my brother a few days after dealing with Mancini's and hadn't mentioned my story; my brother just happened to say that he and his girlfriend were in the process of trying to replace their bed from Mancini's that had sagged and collapsed.

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