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Stay away from Bloomingdales and Shifman mattress

  • Selection: Very poor
  • Expertise: Fair
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Posted by Judith from Elmwood Park, NJ on January 21, 2021

The inspector lied to me about putting in his review of the mattress. He said he would recommend my being able to replace the mattress since it is clear the ends curl up and I needed a single side not a double. It is an extra firm when I needed firm not extra firm like a rock. This thing hurts my side, outer thigh, the width comes over an inch past the box spring width. It is clear that it is not normal and the corners and width change the size. It feels like there is a board down the middle and when switching sides one side sinks down yet the other side is up higher. It is hard like a rock no back or side support at all. Bloomingdales makes it hard to exchange/return without admitting it's not made right and charges a fee for getting the mattress that is sewn to tight with deep tufts sewn to deep. It's not normal and it's absolutely not at all comfortable. I expected better from Bloomingdales. Now I have to either take a chance with this Shifman Company or pick another one. I don't trust Shifman after this and I am not so sure I trust Bloomingdales after being lied to by the inspector. Lissa the salesperson(woman) was very nice and listens to me but didn't quite get it until she took a look at the picture I showed her.

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