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Can Beautyrest Classic Bel-Ridge mattresses be flipped over to make them last longer?

asked Aug 10 '13
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Mr. Shavers answered right the first time. With the construction of the Beauty Rest coils for the single sided mattress, not only do you not need to flip the mattress, you can't. No one's gonna stop you of course, but the spiraling design of the coils do get much tighter as they approach the top of the unit. That is how the coil is designed to support you the right way. The bottom of the coil wouldn't offer the same support. Plus there is other fiber and material that goes on top of the springs. Now I'm sure you could put a foam topper on the under side of the mattress, but then again you could put a foam topper on the floor, or on your couch. The underneath is not a sleep surface, and there usually is a tag that states so.

OK, I really want to try and hit the main point of your question.... how can you get it to last longer? You do want/need to spin the mattress head to toe (seasonally if possible, or even as needed). If it is a king size and you are getting a hump in the middle, that means that no one has been laying there and it is hard for that foam to settle down at the same rate of the areas that you are laying in. A king you can even spin four ways (although its not a perfect square) and you will have a bit hang off the edges. But even just for a few nights to distribute the wear. Eventually you want to use as much of the padding as you can. Using the areas that you do not lay in normally is important. A mattress is really something that is supposed to last a certain amount of time, and over-exceeding the amount of years on the warranty is sometimes unrealistic. But how long you have had it for, and how well you have been maintaining it, will be the factors that determine when it needs replaced. People who don't maintain their beds definitely get less years out of it.

BTW, Talalay latex and the toppers made of it are very good products, I just wouldn't put it on top of the underside of the bed, since the coil structure isn't really reversible. I mean you could sleep on it that way, but like I said before you could technically sleep on the topper without the mattress or even visa versa (it just might not be comfortable).

answered Jun 18 '14
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Drew Carchedi ♦
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Seems like we have 2 differing answers. I would say try it, if you sleep better you have your answer, if not turn it back. And consider a lower maintenance mattress next time out.

Sleep Well!

answered Sep 05 '13
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Tom Heller ♦
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Absolutely. While a one sided mattress is designed to be used on one side only, you are able to use both sides with a little help. Add a 2" soft or medium Talalay latex topper to the underside for long lasting comfort. Latex is also extremely resilient and will help immensely to extend the life of your mattress.

answered Aug 10 '13
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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Sorry but no. Simmons is one of the "pioneers" (promoters / pushers ? ) of the "no flip " mattress. I have heard of some people flipping them though and being comfortable on the "bottom" .

answered Aug 10 '13
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Ernest Shaver ♦
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