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We took delivery of a bed on 11/17/2012 (manufacture date is 11/09/12) and it is honestly, TRASH. The pillow top has collapsed and there is a hump in the middle. We attempted to do a warranty claim (one was lost and the other just denied) as the dents are "normal body impressions" and the hump in the middle was pretty much discounted out of hand "because nobody really sleeps in the middle of the bed anyway"... (their words). Do you have any suggestions on how to get the manufacturer to do the right thing and honor the warranty? I don't feel this is an illegitimate claim since we had a bed from this same brand before that lasted from early 2002 till this new one was delivered.

asked Aug 02 '13
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What brand was it and do you have a 1 1/2" body impression?

How to measure a body impression? The way to measure is to take a yard stick and a golf ball or a small ruler and place it where there is no tufting on the mattress. If the golf ball clears the yardstick or your ruler reads 1 1/2" to the bottom of the ruler, then you may have a case. Just make sure your yard stick is not bending. You can try it with other rigid items such as a golf club. The main thing is to take pictures to show you aren't holding the ends of the yardstick either so it doesn't look like you are manipulating the results.

Most companies will not allow a warranty claim if your foundation has a dip in it or you have any stain on the mattress.

Good Luck on the determination.

answered Aug 02 '13
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Hi Joyce, I know of an on-line warranty claims service where they prepare you for your encounter with the manufacturer. He will analyze your information and let you know if you have a viable claim or not. Here is a link to that website.

answered Aug 03 '13
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