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I am trying to locate a twin xl mattress that measures 72”x84”. I am wanting to purchase a California King base, but having a hard time finding the right size mattress

asked Apr 01
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Natalie from Grand Prairie, TX
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Hi Natalie -- Thanks for your question. You won't find a Twin XL with these dimensions. A Twin XL mattress is only 80" long (the same length as a standard king), and is 38-39" wide (roughly half the width of a standard king), which is more than half the width of a California king.

If you'd like to use a California King base, your best bet is what's called a Split CA King mattress. This won't allow you and your partner to choose two totally separate mattresses, but it will allow you to raise and lower each side of the base independently.

Alternatively, you can use two Twin XL mattresses on either a single standard king-size base or on a pair of Twin XL bases.

I hope that's helpful.

answered Apr 01
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GoodBed Help ♦♦
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