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After taking the bed quiz, the best match is a sealy Hybrid Premium and I want to ask will the Puffy Lux works just as good for me. I am social distancing and I want to shop online and the sealy Hybrid Premium doesn't sell online.

asked Jun 13 '20
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Maria from Bethesda, MD
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Hi Maria -- Thanks for your question. A couple things here:

1) If you click the tab for "Best Online Matches" in your quiz results, you will see that you were also shown 3 matches that you can purchase online:

2) Once you've taken the quiz, you can search for most mattresses on our site, including the Puffy Lux, and see your match score for that mattress. So you can find your match score for the Puffy Lux here:

Based on your criteria, I think you'll find that the Puffy Lux is a good match, with the only reasons it is not an even better match having to do with the fact that it does not have the best edge support, which you said was very important, nor does it use natural materials, which you said was somewhat important. Also, while it does have an above average amount of "memory feel," which you said you strongly prefer, there are other mattresses with more memory feel. So as long as those drawbacks don't sound like deal-breakers to you, I do think the Puffy Lux could work just as well in your case.

Before making your final decision, I would recommend reading our in-depth review of the Puffy Lux. This should give you all the information you need to determine whether this is indeed a great match for you. You can find that here:

I hope that's helpful.

answered Jun 14 '20
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