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Looking for a mattress recommendation for 6"4 240 Male and 5"5 125 female. Male is stomach primarily, but also side. Female is side. We previously bought a beautyrest w plush pillowtop which was nice for a couple years, then sagged on Male's side. We recently tried a winkbed luxury firm, which while very supportive, is not plush enough for us. What would you recommend? Not fans of foam only. Budget up to $2000. Thanks!

asked Jun 13 '20
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Hi there -- Thanks for your question. First and foremost, if you haven't already taken the GoodBed Quiz, I'd strongly recommend that as your first step. Not only is it the best starting point for any mattress shopper, but it will also help you identify all of your criteria (including many things that are likely important to you but hadn't focused on or mentioned above). It will then search across thousands of brands and stores to highlight products that best match your complete criteria. You can find that quiz here:

Beyond that, I would also recommend taking a look at our recommendations for heavier sleepers. Here we go into greater depth about specific criteria that are unique to this group, and also highlight some mattresses that are a good match for a couple that has one heavier sleeper and one lighter sleeper. You can find that guide here:

If you're looking for something softer than the WinkBed Luxury Firm (which we classify as a Medium-Firm on our softness scale), one option from that list would be the Hybrid Infinity Cool Luxury (which we rate as a Medium). You can see our overview of that line here:

A second option that might be better though would be to purchase one of the firmer options from that list and then add a softer topper to it to give you the plushness that you want. For that, I would recommend one of the following as your base mattress, depending on how important natural materials are to you:

From there, there are a number of good options for toppers. Birch makes the softest all-natural topper we've tested:

Or if you prefer a memory feel, Layla makes one of the softer memory foam toppers:

I hope that's helpful.

answered Jun 13 '20
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