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I love my 2010 Tempur-Pedic cloud luxe but it’s no longer available. I am a side sleeper. What newer Tempur-Pedic is similar to the 2010 model.

asked May 12 '20
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Katie from Fairhaven, MA
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Hi Katie -- Thanks for your question. So as you noted, the original Tempur Cloud Luxe that came out in 2010 was discontinued probably 4-5 years ago, but can be seen here:

The version of the Tempur Cloud Luxe that replaced it has been discontinued much more recently (within the past year) but had a very similar feel. You can see that one here:

The foam that gave the Cloud line-up its signature soft memory feel was a material they call Tempur-ES that was used at the top of the mattress. Several of the models in the current lineup use this same foam as the top layer of the mattress, and those would certainly be the closest substitutes in the current lineup. We classified the Cloud Luxe as a "Soft" on our softness spectrum, whereas each of these are classified as a "Medium-Soft" (ie, one notch closer to Medium), so it's not an exact match but it's pretty close. Here are those options:

Of these two, I would say the LuxeAdapt Soft is the closer one to the Cloud Luxe on account of its deeper cushioning, but the ProAdapt Soft is similar enough that it seemed worth mentioning also.

Lastly, since Tempur-Pedic only offers discounts periodically, it may also be worth noting that both of these models have discounts running right now that you will see on the links above.

I hope that's helpful.

answered May 12 '20
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