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I am allergic to latex. Do you ever for see that as an issue? I realize I should be protected, but what life span do you give concerning wear & tear with someone like me ?

asked Jan 04 '20
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Bird from West Terre Haute, IN
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Hi there -- Thanks for your question. Regarding latex allergies, we don't offer medical advice or counseling in any way, so it would certainly be smart to check with a doctor before purchasing a latex mattress. And certainly, if your allergy is severe enough that you experience breathing difficulty or other symptoms that can be triggered simply by being in a room with latex, then you should not be considering a latex mattress.

That said, the most common form of latex allergy is a 'contact' allergy, meaning it requires physically touching latex to trigger the reaction. Because latex beds are enclosed in a cover, then are covered in sheets at home, it's unlikely that you'd ever come in direct contact with latex when sleeping on a latex mattress. In addition, most of the proteins that trigger allergic reactions to latex are washed off in the process of making the type of latex foam that is used in mattresses. As a result of these factors, many people who suffer from either contact dermatitis or even other latex allergies don't have any problems sleeping on a latex mattress.

For more information on latex mattresses and allergies, check our latex mattress guide.

As it relates to wear and tear, I don't really foresee a situation where the lifespan of the mattress would be any different for someone with a latex allergy than someone without. Certainly, there is no case where normal wear and tear on the mattress should expose the latex.

I hope that is helpful.

answered Jan 06 '20
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