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I have it down to two mattresses and would like your opinion on which is better: Kingsdown Sleeping Beauty Gabrielle vs. Stearns & Foster Luxury Cushion Firm Euro Pillowtop. They felt similar in the store -- is one better quality than the other?

Also, I think I'm getting the "best of both worlds" by going for an innerspring with the foam/latex top. Do you agree?

I am a side sleeper looking for support and comfort.

asked Jun 12 '13
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First if the "feel" is the same to you I would dig a little deeper into the warranty, specifically the amount of "body impression" that is allowed. The smaller the distance the better. I know nothing specifically about the two mattresses and just generally about the companies. If the prices are close and the feel for you is equal then look at construction quality, which SHOULD be reflected in the warranty quality (allowable body impression and length of FULL warranty coverage).

Also I like the general trend of "hybrids" in the industry, which is what you are looking at. "Back in the day" the term "hybrids" referred to soft side waterbeds! :) But today it refers to foam over springs.

answered Jun 13 '13
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