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I am looking at Astrabeds and have a question about the base layer of latex in their beds. Is it similar in stiffness etc. to other comparable mattresses? Someone mentioned the base being an ILD rating of 26 while that was too soft to be a proper base for a mattress and it should be more like 28 (?).

asked Jun 10 '13
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Jun 10 '13

Hi there:

I have a Natural/Organic store in Bellevue Washington and know a bit about latex beds. I am not familiar with the Astrabeds though. Savvy Rest is an excellent resource for this information (and they make excellent mattresses) and you can read their blog

I believe that a 26 ild is much too soft for a base layer even in Talalay latex. Donlop soft is approximately 22 - 30 ild and Talalay soft is approximately 20 - 24 ild. You can put the soft at the bottom if you are also working with layers. The best is 3 layers: soft 20 - 30 ild, firm 35 - 40+ ild and medium 30 - 39 ild. If this is the configuration you want, I would recommend putting the firm in the middle, and the medium on top, soft on the bottom. This will make a 'firm' mattress with a bit of cush or you can put firm at the bottom, medium middle and soft on top for a cushier feel. I would not recommend going with 26 ild for the entire mattress - too soft in my opinion and you will dip too low. I also don't recommend buying a mattress that you have not tried as each mattress feels different and it is very hard to pick without trying it. I hope this helps you and good luck in your search.

answered Jun 13 '13
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