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What is the difference between the X1000-C plush hybrid and the X1000-IP plush hybrid?

asked Aug 03 '19
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Aug 03 '19

Hi there -- Thanks for your question. In Beautyrest's current lineup, the "-C" name designates a moisture wicking cover, which can be found starting on the upper half of the Beautyrest Silver collection. The "-IP" in the name represents what they call "Infinicool Plus," which refers to the use of phase change material on both the cover and the fire barrier (phase change material is now one of the most commonly used ways that mattress designers give their mattress a cool to the touch feel). You didn't ask, but in case it was your next question, "-IM" stands for Infinicool Max, which is the same as Infinicool Plus but with the addition of a layer of a 1" layer of "RightTemp" memory foam directly below the cover (this is what they call their memory foam infused with diamond dust and carbon). It's obviously a lot of Beautyrest-specific nomenclature to sift through, but I hope that helps.

answered Aug 03 '19
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