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what are the features of the mattress is it memory foam or gel or does it have the air pockets in it & does it have 3000 coil springs in it

asked Apr 20 '19
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Hi there -- Are you asking about the features of a mattress that you already bought? I'm afraid I don't have the answer to this question so I'm sorry I'm not in a position to help in this case.

That said, FWIW, you've done yourself a huge disservice by buying a mattress without doing your homework first. Given that you didn't value this information enough to obtain it before purchasing, why should anyone else bother to take their time to provide it to you? Personally, I am always willing to help our readers, regardless of whether we stand to make money from a future purchase they may make. However, I do this to help them and our other readers who value the expertise we provide (and the time that it takes us to assist them). Given that you didn't bother to do your research before buying, you clearly don't fit into this category.

Best of luck.

answered Apr 22 '19
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