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Does this mattress sleep hot?

asked Mar 20 '19
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Hi there -- Thanks for your question. This is always a tough question to answer, since a person's propensity to sleep hot is highly individual, and that personal propensity -- along with other environmental factors -- will have a greater overall impact on the likelihood of sleeping hot than the mattress itself. In addition, this is not a mattress that we have evaluated ourselves, so we can't speak to it in as much detail as we can the many mattresses for which we have done in-depth reviews.

That said, what I can say is that in general latex is not a material that has a reputation for sleeping hot in our experience. While it is certainly still possible to sleep hot on latex (as it is on any mattress material or surface), latex is less likely than a material like memory foam to trap heat close to your body.

Here are a few reasons for this:

  1. You tend to sleep more "on" a latex mattress than "in" it. When more of your body's surface area is in contact with the air, your body can more efficiently dispel heat on its own.
  2. As a closely related follow-up point, latex tends to have lower point elasticity than a material like memory foam, which means that it doesn't conform as closely to your body. This too means more of your body's surface area is in contact with the air.
  3. Latex foam has "pincore holes" which run vertically through the latex layers, allowing for at least some incrementally greater degree of built-in air flow relative to other types of foam (which do not tend to have pincore holes).
  4. With latex, density and softness are directly (and inversely) related, so the softest latex (into which you would sink the deepest) also has the lowest density -- and therefore the highest airflow. This is not the case for polyurethane foam (including memory foam), which can be soft and highly conforming while also being very dense.

You can read more about this in our Latex Mattress Guide.

I hope that's helpful.

answered Mar 21 '19
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