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Does conforming happen because of the nature of the latex? or are there zones put in during maufacture that are more or less supportive? If the mattress conforms while you're sleeping, does it go back to "neutral" during the day? Or does the conforming become a permanent fixture of the mattress over time?

asked Dec 18 '18
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Hi there -- Thanks for your question. When we talk about "conforming," we're referring to the ability of the mattress to closely follow the curves of your body while you're laying on it -- including the ability to adapt to your curves as you move around, change positions, etc. This is generally a desirable feature both from a spinal alignment and pressure relief standpoint. It is also a good match for those people who prefer a more 'hugged' or 'cradled' sensation from a comfort standpoint.

When a mattress wears in to the point where this conformance can be seen even when you are not on the mattress, this is called a "body impression." Most people do not consider this to be a desirable outcome, though it is not necessarily detrimental from the standpoint of your spinal alignment and the like. And for those people who prefer a 'hugged' / 'cradled' sensation, it can be considered a positive from this standpoint.

I hope that's helpful.

answered Dec 19 '18
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