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Do your beds do well in Kalaheo, Kauai ? Humidity is always between 60-95%. I am concerned about durability. Also if it it has any metal parts, what is it made of?

asked May 25 '13
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When you asked about a mattress for humidity, there is but one mattress that is "Best In Class" it is the Somnium Company Mattress. They are the ultimate in air circulation. It is unlike any other mattress!!! They have minimal foam, which by the way they use mold resistant foams, but the huge story is their incredible omni directional automotive grade plastic spring. Go to their web site it is easier to understand. Air is free to flow through the mattress springs like no other mattress. I think they carry it at C.S. Wo & Sons in Hawaii. It is a very comfortable mattress too! You can also unzip and wash the entire cover, which is edged with venting mesh! It is perfect for what you are looking for!

answered May 25 '13
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Hi, Unaffected by humidity, is all-natural latex. Nothing is more durable than latex. And, you have a choice of comfort.

answered May 25 '13
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