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Does the number of pocket coils in a mattress matter? I am looking to buy a pocket coil mattress. Some seem to have 600 coils while others have 800. Does the number of coils make that much of a difference?

asked Apr 22 '13
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Scott S from Burnaby, BC
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The number of individual coils in a mattress tends to reflect the mattresses firmness. The higher the coil count, the more the mattress will conform to your body. If your looking for durability, focus on the gauge of the steel springs. The lower the gauge, the thicker the steel of the coil meaning more durability. However, the thicker the steel, the firmer the spring will be. I wouldn't settle for anything higher than a 14 gauge coil if you want good quality. Also, I would shoot for a pocketed coil system that is zoned. This places stronger coil at the hip area promoting durability and less chance of a sag or extreme body impression.

Hope this answers your question. Be critical of the salesmen you work with!

Nick N

answered Apr 22 '13
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Nick Noblit ♦
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