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I've watched your review a on YouTube. I have also read all the reviews and think it's a great product..with a great return policy. My concern is after taking your quiz I've been rated for a soft feel. From all the reviews I read I have reservations that even the luxury push will not be soft enough. Can yougive me your thoughts on that please.?

asked Mar 19 '17
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Pamela O from Buffalo, NY
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Hi Pamela -- Thanks for your question. I was able to look up your quiz results and can definitely see why our algorithm recommended a soft feel for you. As such, I do think your concern about the Zenhaven could be well-founded. We consider the Luxury Plush side of the Zenhaven to have a Medium softness level, which would probably work pretty well for your partner, but I worry may not be soft enough for you.

In light of this, I see two good options for you:

1) You could give the Zenhaven a try for a month or two. Mattress comfort can be very subjective, and fit is very personal, so you might find that the Luxury Plush suits you just fine. Worst case though, you can take advantage of their generous return policy and would only be out the original $99 delivery fee (plus a little hassle).

2) You could try one of the softer latex options that were recommended in your quiz results. Most notably, I might look at the Spindle Soft or the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss 10" Soft. These mattresses share many of the same qualities as the Zenhaven but will offer a slightly softer feel. You can click the names of these mattresses to learn more about their features, prices and return policies, and you can also watch our video review of the Spindle mattress here:

I hope that helps!

answered Mar 20 '17
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GoodBed Help ♦♦
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Thanks so much. That does help. Zenhaven did tell me that they have a topper (not sold on their site) that they supply to good customers who find their bed to not be soft enough. I thought that was interesting.

Thanks again for your help.


answered Mar 21 '17
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Pamela O from Buffalo, NY
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My pleasure Pamela. We'll be interested to hear what you decide to do. And thank you for the additional information about the topper. That's good to know, and I wasn't actually aware of that.

(Mar 21 '17) GoodBed Help ♦♦ GoodBed Help's gravatar image
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