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How does this fit our requirements of sleeping at 30 degrees always?

asked Nov 25 '16
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Liz from Tracy, CA
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Hi Liz -- Thanks for your question. If you need to sleep at 30 degrees always, I would not recommend a Sleep Number mattress -- or, more specifically, any air mattress.

Air mattresses DO work on an adjustable base. However, in an air mattress' construction, the air chambers are typically encased in foam, which means that there are relatively thin strips of foam that run along each edge of the mattress. With a "dual comfort" air mattress (one that has separate air chambers on each side), there is even another thin foam strip that runs up the center to separate the two chambers.

The problem with a thin foam strip that runs from the head to the foot of the bed is that it doesn't bend well. It has a tendency to bow out and/or fold over when the mattress is in a bent position and thus is simply not very effective at doing it's job when the mattress is in a bent position. This isn't such a big deal if your mattress is only elevated an ordinary amount of the time, but having it elevated all of the time puts a lot more strain on the mattress so I would consider this an important consideration in your case.

Pocketed coils are generally an OK option for adjustable bases. However, most pocketed coil mattresses have a 2-3" perimeter of edge support foam that would likely have this same issue. So I'd stay away from those too in your case.

Net, for your needs, I would be looking at an all-foam or latex mattress. Preferably one that is no more than 10-12" thick so that bending it is easier. It should ideally use latex or high density memory foam (at least 5 lbs / cubic foot) in the upper comfort layers and either latex or high-quality base foam (at least 2 lbs / cubic foot) in the bottom support layers. These materials should provide the best blend of durability and flexibility that is needed for your situation.

I hope that helps.

answered Nov 27 '16
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