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I have an adjustable base Posh + Lavish mattress with removable mattress bedding. It says it's washable but can it dried cleaned? What are the washing instructions?

asked Jun 06 '16
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The top covers on all Posh+Lavish Mattresses and toppers are removable for laundering if it is necessary. We recommend washing in cold water in a sink or tub using a mild detergent. We recommend drying on a drying rack in doors. We do not recommend machine washing or machine drying. We do not recommend washing using hot or warm water. Machine drying or warm washing will shrink the cotton and wool and it will not fit back on and zip back on the mattress or topper. Additionally, do not remove the FR barrier that is wrapped around the mattress under the removable mattress cover. This tan cotton and wool fire retardant layer is not designed to be laundered.

answered Sep 27 '16
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