how dos it differ from pure laytex bliss

asked Mar 20 '16
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A Posh+Lavish mattress is designed to be less bouncy and have less motion transfer between two sleepers than most latex mattress brands based on the latex process material science. Many consumers also find Posh+Lavish mattresses more supportive for their lower back than other latex mattresses. Posh+Lavish uses all wool and all cotton for it's fire retardant solution rather than polyester that other brands may use. The Posh+Lavish mattress has a 602 gram weight cover and is one of the highest gram weights and most luxurious in the industry. The cover uses Tencel in the entire face which is designed to be more temperature regulating and more durable than all polyester covers which are common in many latex mattresses. Posh+Lavish is one of few latex mattress manufacturers that uses cotton and wool on the bottom of both their mattresses and toppers to avoid moisture and mold. Posh+Lavish not only makes all-latex mattresses but also makes a pocket sprung collection using springs with latex on top and a latex and memory foam collection which uses both latex and memory foam.

answered Jun 09 '16
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