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I'm looking for a mattresses for hospital-type bed. Can you recommend a mattress that will work?

asked May 31 '15
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Most all foam beds and pocketed coil mattresses will work fine. However, every manufacturer has specific rules in their warranty pertaining to use on adjustable bases.

answered May 31 '15
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Is just add that you want to pay attention to quality of the mattress cheaper mattresses won't hold up and form depressions.

I make mattresses on San Francisco and we warrant against any amount of depressions or softening.

answered May 31 '15
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Your best bet for adjustable bases is either memory foam or latex. Within these two classifications, there are other things to think about - firmness, sleep position, heat and allergy issues, etc., just like any other mattress purchase. All around, I prefer latex. It's easier to turn in, doesn't heat up like memory foam, far more natural and more comfortable.

answered Jun 01 '15
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Hospital bed mattresses, also commonly referred to as medical beds or therapeutic mattresses, are probably the most integral factor in providing comfort and support to a patient while in bed. Due to this fact, hospital bed mattresses are understandably a very diverse and eclectic field of medical equipment for the most particular of ailments. There is the various mattress that is specially designed for hospital purpose.

answered Sep 08 '17
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