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My mattress doesn't feel the same as the one I thought I was buying. And the store invoice doesn't match up with the delivery tag. What should I do?

asked May 13 '15
Dawn M's gravatar image
Dawn M from Sheboygan, WI
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Hi Dawn,

Can you be more specific about what the discrepancies are? It's normal for mattresses to feel firmer at first compared to a showroom model. But I can help.

answered May 15 '15
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Andrew Schle... ♦
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Actually it feels a lot softer than in the store, also my Bill of sale part numbers do not match he part numbers on the tag that came with bed. Could it be possible that I was delivered the wrong bed? And how would I go about finding out?

(May 16 '15) Dawn M Dawn M's gravatar image

Take pictures of your labels on the mattress and go to the store. There could be several different labels sewn to or attached to the mattress. Make sure you take pictures of all of them so you don't have to make more than one trip. They should be able to explain why there is a difference in the #'s if there is supposed to be.

They also might see that somebody grabbed the wrong mattress from the truck or when loading up earlier that day and swap out your bed.

(May 18 '15) Andrew Schle... ♦ Andrew Schlesser's gravatar image

Thank you so much for your response, It was very informative and I appreciate your hard work. I will definitely take your advise and return to WG&R, Dawn

(May 18 '15) Dawn M Dawn M's gravatar image
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