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I have just ordered a ZedBed Frission which will arrive October 3, but the more I am reading online the more hesitant I am about my purchase. I was told the bed has 25 year warranty but its actually 10 years of full coverage and 15 years of prorated coverage. It's a Snowpedic with the 2 inch pure foam technology. From my research I have not found too many retailers who carry this technology, some have a mixture of pure and R2 (it recovers faster)... It seems that the R2, Zx, and Latex are more common now a days. I'm not sure if I made a mistake or not. The reviews on the warranty, the durability and consistency of the foam, and the possibility that the bed holds heat are all big concerns for me. The retailers also carry mattresses only sold within their store chains and so it is difficult to assess if the price I paid is competitive with other retailers. Does anyone have any advice for me?

asked Sep 23 '14
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The Zedbed Frisson has a competitive 25 year warranty like many other memory foam mattress manufacturer. 10 years full coverage and 15 years of prorated coverage is the standard and the most common warranty in the industry. The Frisson features 2 inch PURE foam. PURE has a high density of 5,5 pcf. R2, ZX and Latex are more common now because PURE has a similar feel to the other slow recovery memory foam used by Zedbed competitors, company tries to offer something different with the other foams mentionned. The Frisson is one of the best mattress to dissipate the heat, mattress features CoolMax(R) fabric, has 2 inch PURE gel infused and perforated on top, more than 40 air channels inside etc. You can't find a product more breathable !! Zedbed is wellknown to sell different products to their different retailers, this is part of their distribution strategy. Their goal is to adapt their mattresses to the demand of their retailers based on their customers needs. If you want to compare the price, shop for therapeutic mattress with the same height and same quantity of memory foam made in Canada. If you need more information, the customer service departement is happy to answer your questions. Have a great day.

answered Sep 24 '14
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Buying a bed is a personal purchase, because you sleep on it everyday you want to make sure the bed fits you properly, I don't believe there is one bed that fits everyone, especially their budget, Going in to a mattress sleep store and learning about sleep from an expert is very valuable. You should learn and be shown what bed is right for you based on how you sleep. It is risky to try something like a mattress that you have never felt before. Even laying on a mattress for 30 minutes in a store is not going to ensure the bed is right, most stores will have some comfort guarantee to make sure you are happy. I am also a big proponent in buying local, making sure your dollars circulate through the community you live in to make a stronger economic environment. Good Luck!

answered Sep 24 '14
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