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I sleep on my side most of the time and I have neck and back problems. I bought the Simmons Beautyrest Black Brooklyn Firm Pillow Top mattress but I didn't try it out before buying and I'm not sure it's the right mattress for me. It feels hard and rigid. But I don't want to sink into a mattress. How do I determine the balance between firm and soft that is right for me?

asked Sep 16 '14
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Memory foam toppers are worthless. You'll end up sinking through it as if it weren't even there. They provide comfort of only a very short time...not to mention the toxic chemical off gassing. All natural latex is the way to go. Two inches of soft Talalay latex provides extraordinary surface comfort that lasts for many years.

Thanks, Pete

answered Sep 18 '14
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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Agreed that a very firm mattress can be trouble for a side sleeper, and can often lead to sore hips, shoulders, and neck. For such instances, I typically recommend a pure memory foam or latex foam mattress with a dense foam so that you get that fantastic support that contours to your body.

answered Sep 18 '14
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Kenny Kline
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