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Looking for a really good, full-sized, double-sided, extra firm mattress. Anyone have recommendations?

asked Sep 09 '14
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If you are looking for truly firm, ergonomic support without compromising comfort, you are our kind of customer. We only offer two firmness grades in our line - the Somnium firm and the Somnium regular - and we forego making a soft one for a good reason: We firmly believe in firm, zoned support and our hourglass-shaped elastomer springs allow us to make what we think is the best one out there - hands down.

Not only is the mattress two-sided, it is also a mirror image from header to foot end, allowing you to use the sleep surfaces on both sides in either directly while still enjoying the zoned support from our patented innersprings.

You can find out more details about our mattresses on our website, where you can also find a list of our retailers.

answered Sep 10 '14
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Susanne Flother ♦
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"Best", meaning strongest and longest lasting? These were engineered by me for my customers. The Medi-Coil models are designed to hold extraordinary body weight, with my heaviest customers topping 500 lbs. They simply don't come and better than that. You can see them on our website.

answered Sep 10 '14
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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