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What is the thickness of the layers of gel and memory foam in the Serta Perfect Day iSeries Ceremony Super Pillow Top?

asked Jun 18 '14
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The Serta iSeries Ceremony Super Pillow Top has 1 1/2" of Comfort Foam in the Quilt layer of the mattress. It has an additional 2 3/4" of Comfort Foam in the upholstery layer, and 1" of Cool Action Gel Memory Foam in the upholstery layer. It was replaced this year by the Merit Super Pillow Top.
I hope this helps you!!! Brian

answered Jun 19 '14
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Brian Grable ♦
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That wasn't the question asked. Anonymous asked about the exact thickness of the gel memory foam in the Celebrity super pillow top, not what new models replaced it.

Serta doesn't exactly make this information readily available. Took me a while to even find this information. They tend to only publish what the components "are" in a bed, not how "much" of each component is in the bed. Transparency isn't exactly their forte.

The Celebrity pillow top has 1" of CoolAction gel memory foam. The rest is regular polyurethane foam.

answered Jun 18 '14
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Blake Greer
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Jun 18 '14

The Ceremony has been replaced with either the Vital SPT or the Merit SPT, they are both at the $1,499 price point. Don't forget to shop at a local store.

answered Jun 18 '14
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Jeff Saunders ♦
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