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I need a queen size mattress only for a camper. It has a built-in section so that I do not need a box spring. I am having trouble finding a mattress only, without having to buy the entire set. I am in Morehead City, NC.

asked May 21 '14
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Renee from Beaufort, NC
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Hi Renee,

I don't know any business owner's that I can refer you to in your area unfortunately. But it looks like based on your location, you might be up against more difficult retailers at a lower price point. It may be worth it to drive a little ways away. In resort/beach communities, the prices may be higher because of convenience, cost of rent, and a few other factors.

Call ahead to stores and if you have the time, try some stores in a neighboring town/city more inland. It may be worth while to price compare and see if it would save you money. If they don't offer a mattress only option, go to the next place. They're just trying to make a buck and not help you with what you need.

answered May 22 '14
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Andrew Schle... ♦
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Hi Renee -- That's very strange that you've been having trouble with this. Almost any mattress store will sell at least some mattress models without a foundation. Here is a map of mattress stores near Morehead City, NC in case you want to call around first to see what they have that would suit your needs.

Let us know if there's something more specific you need.

answered May 22 '14
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GoodBed Help ♦♦
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