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How deep is the Vintage Saturn queen mattress by Shifman?

asked Mar 22 '14
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Hello - We don't seem to have any specs on that exact model, and there seems to be no mention of it anywhere on the internet. For what it's worth though, as a general rule Shifman mattresses tend to be very thick -- typically over 15" (not including the foundation).

The main reason they are so thick is that relative to most mattresses they tend to have a lot of cushioning layers -- thick pillow tops and such -- which gives them a very luxurious, high-end look.

The second reason is that they are two-sided mattresses (hooray!), which means that these thick cushioning layers are duplicated on both the top and bottom. This means you can actually flip the mattress from time to time to ensure even wear. Although a thick, heavy mattress like this will take some work to flip, doing so has big benefits from the standpoint of avoiding body impressions and maximizing overall longevity.

Hope that helps!

answered Apr 01 '14
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