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What about "worlds best bed" by pure latex bliss? Anyone know if it's any good?

asked Aug 09 '12
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Ken W from Navarre, FL
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Aug 10 '13

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GoodBed Help ♦♦

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My personal opinion is that it is a bit overpriced. I think for the money of the PLB I would look at a Royal Pedic, or other higher end. Just my 2 cents.

answered Nov 30 '12
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Joey Ashley ♦
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Yep, I would agree with the first reviewer: over-priced, Honestly, most American consumers think that if something is more expensive it must be good. Their mattresses are made with a blended latex, synthetic and latex. There is no reason to buy this mattress as compared to a memory foam mattress such as

answered Dec 13 '12
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Joe Alexander ♦
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I think Foam Mattress are good but I would put a blended latex above a good foam. I am a striong believer in all natural. In my opinion PLB and Latex internation own the market right now on Talalay which just drives the price up and is no better (just a different feel) than Dunlop. Foam is good but an opposite of Latex not a replacement each has there place but very different and the longevity of Latex will be longer in most cases. In my opionion Savvy rest has a very attractive Latex bed and design these days, the foam market is competive... a lot of good products but also a lot of terrible products. I have never seen a bed in a box and my guess its a great foam bed but I dont think it is fair to put it in as an alternative to latex.... Really like your website and what you are doing Joe.

(Jan 12 '13) Joey Ashley ♦ Joey Ashley's gravatar image

Thanks Joey,

If you are a strong believer in "all" natural then a blended latex would not satisfy you, as blended is just that...blended, with synthetics. Of course, I agree with your statement 100%, as a self-taught holistic nutritionist, I am strongly opposed to any chemical intake, but its impossible to avoid in this day and age. But I do advocate an attempt to limit exposure to chemicals, and also in good sleep. Personally, I find latex too bouncy to sleep on by itself, and have made my own mattress from latex and a three inch layer of memory foam, manufactured by Hickory and sold by Bed In A Box. Savvy Rest makes are very nice bed, simple, can't argue with that. The only way foam is an alternative is when the poster was asking about a blended latex: what is blended? Natural and Synthetic material. What is Bed In A Box? Natural and Synthetic. My statement was that if you are going to go blended, you don't have to spend that much money. Thanks for the compliment. Working hard to find the best of the best in the market and sell at a reasonable price.

(Jan 12 '13) Joe Alexander ♦ Joe Alexander's gravatar image
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I have a Savvy Rest and it's all dunlop. Hard, medium and soft layers. It is completely putting my back out after 4 years. After 2 years, i was looking for ways to make it more comfortable. The layers seem to be holding up, but I think it is all compacted. It is a combination of not enough support and too firm...

answered Aug 09 '13
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Muriel H from Berkeley, CA
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Hi Muriel, Dunlop latex is a more dense material than Talalay latex. It's great as a support layer, but lack comfort for use as a comfort layer. To make it more comfortable, you can add a 2" or 3" layer of soft Talalay latex for the comfort you're looking for. If you're looking to replace your mattress, pure LatexBLISS offers an all Talalay Latex mattress. Talalay latex is more supple due to the added steps in the manufacturing process. Talalay Latex is considered "State-of-the-Art" when it comes to latex. Dunlop latex becomes firmer as it wears, where Talalay latex will remain much more supple over a long period of time. The most comfortable mattress in the pure LatexBLISS line is called "The World's Best Mattress". The "Nutrition" is very popular and more comfortable than what you have. Thanks, Pete

(Aug 09 '13) Peter Cancelli ♦ Peter Cancelli's gravatar image

Muriel, Since I wrote my post a few months back we actually researched Bliss pretty extensively and actually in light of the amount of talalay latex in the bed it is really is a good value in the All Natural line. We just took on their new line which has the organic cotton and wool covers. They are the Eco (8inch), the Sustain (10in) and the Renew (12 inches). They also have the organic covers on 2 and 3 inch thick toppers. This could be a very good option to add the to your all Dunlop Savvy and keep the integrity of the organic materials as opposed to synthetic. Reach out if you ever have any question. The Organic Bedroom, Raleigh NC

(Aug 09 '13) Joey Ashley ♦ Joey Ashley's gravatar image

@ Peter, I got your cooling talalay layer to make my dunlop bed softer. It works to make it softer, but it also strangely makes it hotter. Not sure why, but whenever I cover my bed with a mattress cover or anything else, except cotton sheets it becomes very hot.

That said, thank you for the information about talalay vs. dunlop.

@Joey, thanks for the information. Reading reviews it looks like Bliss is great when it's great, but there seem to be some quality control issues. I'm finding that is true with all mattresses, alas.

(Aug 09 '13) Muriel H Muriel H's gravatar image

Hi Muriel, It's the cover, not the latex, that makes it hot. Many people are having heat difficulties with the waterproof cover they're getting from many retailers. A quilted mattress protector works best for air circulating under you. You can beat the deal at Big Lots. They have a quilted waterproof model with the Simmons Beautyrest label for $30.

(Aug 09 '13) Peter Cancelli ♦ Peter Cancelli's gravatar image

I think you should consider a organic wool fleece (hair cut only). It regulates body temperature all night long, something heating pads and blankets can't do, adds even more comfort. Even President's wear wool suits in the summer because it whisk away moisture and keeps them drier. The fleece will allow you to still have the great feel of your latex mattress yet keep you cooler and drier. Dust mite resistant also.

(Aug 10 '13) Joyce Walker... ♦ Joyce Walker Robertson's gravatar image

Wool is great. Here is another great option for a washable wool-filled mattress pad if you want to spend less money on a pad:

(Aug 27 '13) Joey Ashley ♦ Joey Ashley's gravatar image

thanks for the organicbedroom link! I've been looking for awhile and that is such a good King price I bought it immediately!

(Dec 18 '13) Diana M Diana M's gravatar image
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