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Which is a better material for a mattress topper -- memory foam or gel infused memory foam? What are the differences, and how thick should it be?

asked Feb 05 '14
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The gel toppers seem to be cooler to sleep on than the regular memory foam toppers. We sell more 2" toppers than 3". This would be a personal preference of feel.

answered Feb 11 '14
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Debi Chewerda ♦
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First are you trying to revive an old mattress (6 years plus) or make a newer hard mattress more supportive? If it has some age then any overlay will most likely NOT help, at least for long. There is also some debate over the length of effectiveness of the gel in cooling. It is the popular "additive" of the moment. Look at the density of the foam (5 or better) for better support. I see no negative to the gel. I just question some of the claims. Also keep in mind that most any overlays will not last more than 2 to maybe 4 years. We at present do not sell overlays so I have no "dog in this fight" and am just adding what we've seen and what customers tell us.

answered Feb 12 '14
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Ernest Shaver ♦
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Gel infused foams are better, typically, in that they help dissipate heat more efficiently. A topper usually should be about 3" thick to provide a noticeable comfort difference.

answered Feb 06 '14
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Joe Alexander ♦
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Gel foam tends to cool for 2-3 hours, then responds like regular memory foam. So it may help you get to sleep initially. The ultimate cooling product is the Chilipad. Also, wool is a natural insulater (keeps you cooler in the summer and wormer in the winter). I agree with some of the above observations....a topper won't "save" a worn out bed. Toppers typically make a hard bed more comfortable (ie more plush) 2" latex toppers can relieve pressure points, if it is soft latex. It seems that memory foam provides more comfort with 3' rather than 2". Too many choices, right?!

answered Feb 12 '14
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Karen W
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You're wasting your money with memory foam. It loses it's resiliency quickly and you end up sinking through if it isn't even there...totally worthless. The gel infused does feel cooler, but what they don't tell you is that the coolness lasts for about four hours, then it gets hot too. The only foam the works, works well, stays cool and lasts for years is latex. You might also keep in mind that memory foam consists of 61 different chemicals, some of which are toxic. And that nasty smell are the toxic fumes off gassing. Latex, on the other hand, is all natural and chemical free.

answered Feb 11 '14
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Peter Cancelli ♦
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