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Just stayed at a Hampton Inn in Miami, OK and LOVED the soft cushy mattress. Do you know what mattresses they have there?

asked Jan 17 '14
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Okay, so we did what you folks above were absolutely adamant about not doing - we ordered a Hampton mattress. We did think long and hard about the pros and cons as you've listed above, but we have purchased 4 different mattresses in 10 years, and we were desperate. We frequently stay at Hampton properties when we travel, and have commented EVERY time how well we sleep on their beds. So after months of searching, we decided to take the plunge. First, the pricing on the Hampton bed was very competitive with other quality mattresses we've looked at. Yes, we did pay for shipping, but that did not put the mattress out of the price range we were looking for.
The mattress and box springs arrived last Friday - on time, in excellent condition, and the delivery men were very polite and efficient. AND they took our old mattress and box springs!
We have slept on the bed for 3 nights, and it has been the best nights' sleep that both my husband and I have had in months! The mattress is firm, but supportive in all the right places. Our previous mattresses have all had pillow tops, which tend to break down quickly, leaving us wallowing in a hole on each side of the bed. The Hampton bed is a straightforward, no pillow top, innerspring coil mattress. Like the ones we first slept on 20-40 years ago, when we were first married and new parents.
Obviously, this review cannot speak to the longevity of this quality - yet. But we trust the Serta brand, and feel that even without the "Sleep Guarantee" that most retail stores offer (which by the way I think is as much a ripoff as any warranty out there), we are going to be very happy with this product. May not be the right solution for everyone, but I think it has been and will be for us!

answered Mar 19 '18
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Patricia M from Kalamazoo, MI
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That all depends on if they are corporate or franchised. Your best bet is to call the hotel and ask them what brand and type of mattresses they have. Keep in mind that most hotels get mattresses specially designed for them. There's not very many hotel mattresses you'll find in stores although usually you can find something very comparable. Happy Hunting!

answered Jan 17 '14
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Robert McClure ♦
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Hello. I hear this from visitors to our store consistently! Hotels have contracts with manufacturers and tend to provide a mid-range medium plush product. At better hotels, these mattresses are replaced in a timely fashion, so they do feel comfortable. What your comment tells me is that your mattress is either worn out or not the right level of comfort for you! There are great eco-friendly mattresses to choose from that don't have toxic flame retardant (who knows what's in the bed you slept on) and are comfortable and great values. Check out the specialty mattress stores in your area. Box stores all tend to have the same products with different names (including private labels just for them) It's a smoke and mirrors challenge to cross shop. The "greener" mattresses are much more transparent (i.e. priced on the internet, same name in every store) so you know what you're getting and if a mattress is a good value. All-foam mattresses tend to be the trend now…either plant-based memory foam or natural rubber latex will offer different price points and levels of comfort for you to try.

answered Jan 19 '14
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Jan 22 '14

Hello -- The brand that Hampton Inn says they use is Serta. You can purchase it from Hampton Inn's website, BUT we would never recommend buying a mattress from a hotel for a number of reasons:

  1. You'll pay more (a LOT more). Although they claim that it's "custom designed to Hampton's specifications," you can almost surely get an equivalent model from a mattress retailer that carries a broad range of Serta products. As an example, the famous Heavenly Bed from Westin Hotels is a Beautyrest mattress that they mark up by 50-100% over what you'd pay in a mattress store.
  2. You'll lose out on a number of basic services that most mattress retailers offer. Hampton Inn, for example, doesn't offer free delivery (you'll pay $225!), doesn't allow for returns or exchanges (which mattress retailers refer to as a "Comfort Guarantee"), nor do they offer removal of your old mattress (see here).
  3. The bed you get from the hotel may not even be the same bed you slept on. The only reason to buy from the hotel would be to be 100% sure you're getting the exact bed you slept on, but unfortunately you'll never have this certainty -- with Hampton Inn or any other hotel chain. From Hampton's own site: "The beds for purchase follow the most current, up-to-date Hampton bed specifications, which may or may not be the exact same bed you slept on at any given hotel."

Net, your best move is to find a good Serta retailer that carries a wide selection of Serta lines and models, and find the model that feels most like the bed you slept on.

answered Jan 21 '14
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