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My husband and I are not huge people -- 155 pounds and 140 pounds. Would a king mattress with only 416 coils be OK for us?

asked Dec 30 '13
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That is not a lot of coils. When considering a coil mattress, there are other factors as well, such as pocketed or Bonnell, single or double heat tempered, the gauge of the wire and how many turns the coils have. I would have to say I would recommend something a bit more durable or you run the risk of replacing it in just a few short years and it likely would not be supportive for long. If you are on a budget, you would do better with an all foam mattress. There are affordable ones out there.

answered Dec 30 '13
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Joe Alexander ♦
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We carry a two sided mattress with a 418 coil unit, (queen count). It's the strongest, most durable innerspring mattress on the market. Of course, these are large, heavy gauge coils. Upholstered items, like a mattress, are pressure sensitive. That is to say, the more you weight the shorter the life span. The problem you face is more about the upholstery layers. There are 3 types of foams used today...polyurethane, memory (aka visco elastic), and latex. The worst is memory foam, which is made of 61 chemicals...some of which are toxic. Not only is it harmful to your respiratory system, it performs poorly, losing its resiliency much too quickly. The best is latex, made of natural rubber. There is so much more to choosing a mattress than the question you asked. If that's all you're considering, you are likely to make a mistake. Every component is important.

answered Jan 04 '14
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The coil count that you are looking at is way too low for a quality mattress ... Todays Innerspring mattresses can have the comfort and durability necessary for a good night sleep ... But will cost more than the average consumer expects. Due to the higher price for a quality innerspring most retailers are pushing memory foam mattresses with built in profits from the manufacturers.

Knowledge will help you make the right purchase.

answered Jan 04 '14
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