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I used to have the Fairmont Plush mattress from International Bedding (sold by Sleepys). Then International Bedding went out of business, so I am wondering if anyone can suggest a good replacement.

I found the Fairmont Plush very supportive, and it took weight off and helped my back pain. I am a side sleeper and memory foam seems to exacerbate the pain. I like the push-back of the innerspring, but can't find one as good as this previous one.


asked Dec 29 '13
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The reason there probably are limited answers here is that no one can tell you how any mattress will feel to you. That being said, you can find one, I'm sure, but it will take some shopping. Consider all brands, and types. You might find that spring and latex will produce a similar feel. Perhaps latex over air chambers, or an all latex mattress might provide you the feel you are looking for. Consider latex first, as that particular layer will "push back" against the sleeper. The deeper the layer, the more intense the feel. And latex is a pretty good material, especially Talalay latex. Latex is a bit more expensive than what most manufacturers use in the good level beds. Make sure it is not layered with any other material, but rather a solid latex pad.

Spend at least 15 minutes in the store on any bed you think might work, laying in your typical sleep positions. Springs have been with us for a long time, and most spring mattresses, International bedding included, have used springs from just a few steel spring suppliers. So the springs should be available. The foam will be the kicker, offering the push back.

Here's hoping that you...Sleep Well!

answered Jan 06 '14
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