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How do Restonic latex mattresses compare to the Plush Beds latex mattresses? What are the differences?

asked Dec 29 '13
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I can't speak for the plush beds mattress, but Restonic has several different models of talalay latex mattresses. I've sold them for years and I own one as well. Latex actually has more pressure relief than memory foam. Mainly due to the fact that you can have a solid latex mattress as where you have to have a support core of some sort under memory foam. Memory foam does relieve pressure but when you get down to the core, the pressure relief stops.

answered Apr 26 '14
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Jason Jordan ♦
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When you’re shopping for a new mattress, comparisons are always a good idea. We’ve been in business for 75 years and our focus is on our customer’s comfort – night after night after night. We use the highest quality latex for better consistency, resiliency and support.

We believe the best way to compare mattresses though is to go into a retail store and lie down on them – a lot of them. Lie on each one the same way you sleep at home and compare how pressure points feel. If you have hip, joint or shoulder pain while you sleep, pay close attention to those areas. We don’t believe you can buy a mattress online for this simple reason – you need to feel the differences to know which is right for you.

Hope this answer helped and that you’re able to spend some time testing out a variety of mattresses.

answered Jan 03 '14
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Julia Rosien ♦
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One of the beautiful things about latex beds is their simplicity. No matter who makes it, it's pretty much just a cover and layers of latex. Most companies buy their latex either from a few USA companies or directly from Malaysia. I would say it comes down to elements like the materials used for the cover and how they make it past the fire regulations, but other than that, I would say they are pretty similar.

answered Dec 31 '13
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Joe Alexander ♦
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