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We purchased a Simmons Beautyrest Alexandria Plush queen-size mattress in 2001. I would like to get this mattress now in a king-size. Do you need the model number from our current bed to compare, or are they the same as they were in 2001? I loved the queen and would love to have the same mattress in the king.

asked Dec 10 '13
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Hello -- The Beautyrest Alexandria Plush that you found here is a build that was released in 2011, and was at the upper end of the World Class collection. The World Class collection of 2011 has since been replaced with the Recharge World Class collection earlier this year.

More to the point of your question though, any Beautyrest mattress you purchased in 2001 that bears the name Alexandria likely has no specific relation to a Beautyrest mattress you will find today that bears the name Alexandria. Product lines like Beautyrest change their construction every 1-2 years, so that line has been through many changes since 2001. And retailers force manufacturers to use thousands of different model names each year. So inevitably the same model name ends up being used again at some point, but unfortunately there is no rhyme or reason to it.

As for the size part, if you were to find the same mattress, it would feel the same in a king as it does in a queen.

answered Dec 10 '13
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Hello to the poster!

If you like, you can take a picture of your labels and send them to me and I'll see exactly which type of Beautyrest you have from 2001. There were only 2-3 types. If it does not mention any special classification on your tags like Exceptional, Back Care, and just says Beautyrest, then it's likely a close comparable to a Classic Recharge Beautyrest in today's line. Next step would be to measure the thickness and try a few.

The basic design of Beautyrest beds hasn't changed a whole lot. Mostly they've put more coils in the bed and use memory foam and other newer foam materials in the upholstery. There is likely one that is very similar to what you have in your home that you can try locally.

answered Dec 12 '13
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