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I weigh 110 pounds and hurt all of the time when I'm sleeping. Can you recommend a mattress that would be best for me?

asked Nov 21 '13
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How tall are you? And, what mattress do you have now?

(Nov 22 '13) Peter Cancelli ♦ Peter Cancelli's gravatar image

When you're small, it's more difficult to enjoy the benefit of the support beneath the top comfort layers of a mattress. Memory foam tends to contour beautifully (I always prefer plant-based foams), but you might benefit from an individually pocketed coil with medium and medium plush layers above. I tend to recommend a medium mattress with firm support, plus a wool topper. Wool is so forgiving and creates such a soothing surface layer. It achieves, what people have described to me, a cloud-like or floating feel, which helps relieve pressure points. I would avoid firm (hard) memory foam and/or latex. Best to go with a more inviting comfort.

answered Nov 24 '13
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Hi, Sorry to hear you are in pain! Can you give us a bit more information? Are you in pain from pressure or pain from a lack of support?

Usually, if you are lightweight, you will want a softer mattress. Someone with little body fat tends to feel pressure more. But you want to be careful to not go so soft that you lose support. I would recommend staying away from anything with coils. A memory foam mattress or all latex would be best. On the latex I recommend something that is made with zoned latex, as a solid piece of latex that is not zoned will add more pressure in the hips and shoulders.

answered Nov 21 '13
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